Good News May 15

This week’s Good News from the Resistance: Ok, it was another tough week. But we’ve been at this long enough now to know that tough weeks simply make the Resistance stronger and more creative. To lighten the mood, this week’s Good News opens with an adorable kid video. And ends with a Trump Deplorable being caught on camera at Trader Joe’s, getting a big, fat comeuppance by the target of her racist comments. In this week’s Good News:

  • Adorable kid swatted in face by v.p. Pence demands an apology
  • Students Resist when Education Secretary DeVos speaks at graduation
  • With Comey’s firing, White House paranoia and leakage escalate
  • Macron’s victory a slap in the face for 45
  • Senate bucks 45 and upholds Obama’s anti-drilling rule
  • South Shore Action news keeps Resisters busy & in the loop
  • Racist Deplorable caught on video at Trader Joe’s
  • Creative, new idea for dealing with GOP Town Hall no-shows: Adopt a District

Sign Up. Show Up. Never give up.

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Good News May 8

This week’s Good News from the Resistance: Thursday’s healthcare vote was fuel for the Resistance. Congress is on recess, but Town Halls are becoming as rare as a Republican with a backbone. What’s a Resister to do? Thousands are planning  “Die-Ins” outside of Congressional district offices. Camera-ready, community-building, and downright fun. All of this and more in this week’s Good News:

  • Tired of standing up at all of those rallies and marches? Attend a Die-In and lie down!
  • Payback’s a bitch (who can’t be grabbed): Non-partisan Cook Report predicts this week’s healthcare vote will flip at least 20 Red seats Blue
  • London’s Victoria & Albert Museum adds Pussyhat to its collection
  • So goes the nation: Very Red Nebraska City Council flips Blue
  • Every major U.S. TV network has says NYET to airing 45’s lying campaign ads
  • GOP’s latest attempt to suppress voting in Ossoff election fails
  • Dutch website helps American women to safely end early, unwanted pregnancies

Sign Up. Show Up. Never give up.

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Good News First 100 Days Edition

This week’s Good News from the Resistance: Most Americans are not being duped by our Braggart-in-Chief; his abysmal approval ratings are proof.  45’s failure to make good on the bulk of his signature initiatives — repealing Obamacare, proposing a viable tax reform plan, keeping Muslims off of U.S.-bound airplanes, withholding government funding from sanctuary cities, and building a border wall to keep Mexicans from walking into the U.S.– is all Good News.

The BEST NEWS is this: Over the last 100 days, 45 has taught us what we never learned in high school civics classes, or what we’ve long forgotten. He’s taught us just how fragile our democracy is, and where the cracks are. And it is out of these cracks that the Resistance was born. 45 gave us the motivation to Resist, and Resistance Organizations have given us the platforms, know-how, and tools. They are strong, well-organized, and effective, and deserve much credit for 45’s 100 Days of Failure. We did this, and the patriots who created and are running Resistance Organizations (often on a shoe-string budget), taught us how. Read on to learn more about the engines driving our action.

Do you know of a Resistance Organization not listed? Leave a Comment and help us build a Directory of Resisters.

  • Indivisible: The creators of the Indivisible Guide, our roadmap of resistance
  • Swing Left: How to turn 65 Swing Districts Blue
  • The Resistance School: A free Harvard education on how to resist
  • The Wall-of-Us: 4 Acts of Resistance delivered to your inbox each week
  • Let America Vote: Vigilance and action against voter suppression laws
  • Rise Stronger: The People’s Calendar keeps track of Resistance Events across the U.S.
  • Cosecha: The organizers behind this week’s May 1st Day Without Immigrants
  • Strolling Thunder: Baby Resisters roll into D.C. this week … in strollers

Sign up. Show up. Never give up.

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Good News April 24

This week’s Good News from the Resistance:

  • Thank 45 for teaching the world to Resist
  • Question where O’Reilly got the name “Hot Chocolate”
  • Applaud the Blue Surge in Georgia
  • Meet the immigrant, grad school-bound 2017 Fellows of the Soros Foundation
  • Cheer for student journalists who busted their principal and forced her resignation
  • Watch video of New England Patriots explaining NO! to 45’s invitation to the WH
  • Help flip Montana seat Blue by GOTV for folk-singing cowboy

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Good News Spring Recess Edition

This week’s Good News from the Resistance: Congress is on recess, and the Resistance is on a roll. We’re dedicating this week’s report to Resisters across the country who continue to teach us This is What Democracy Looks Like. 

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Good News April 10

This week’s Good News from the Resistance: Big wins this week with Bannon and Nunes getting their comeuppance, and 45 continues to fuel WH infighting; Jon Ossoff is on a roll in Georgia, and Kansas seat is now unexpectedly in play; Americans are fine with voting for a sexual predator, but advertisers abandon Fox over sexual harasser; the State of Maryland resists by passing law to fund Planned Parenthood; 38/50 Governors are up for re-election in 2018, and anti-45 resistance bodes well for Democrats; judges continue to rule against GOP’s illegal gerrymandering, this time in N.C.; it’s April recess, and Indivisible’s new website makes resisting easier than ever.

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Good News April 3

This week’s Good News from the Resistance: Prescient Obama WH officials saved inventory of Russia documents before they vacated the premises; undocumented student takes selfie with recently filed 1040 and challenges 45 to “show me yours”; Facebook gets political with new Town Hall tab; Planned Parenthood gets a donation each time we suck on new salted butterscotch lollipop; 2012 Supreme Court ruling may thwart DOJ’s plans to withhold federal money from sanctuary cities; former punk-rocker announces candidacy for Ted Cruz’s job; how to get your school district to protect immigrant children.

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Good News March 27

This week’s GREAT News from the Resistance:  Affordable Care Act Big Win makes us giddy with happiness, and illustrates, without a doubt, that Resisting Works.  Obamacare will remain in place, as the GOP Congress demonstrated once again – in the most extraordinary way — that they are a party of whiners, not legislators.

This week’s Good News from the Resistance: Post-mortem on how 45 became the ACA Big Loser; Rachel’s coverage of Resisters helping to change Arkansas Congressman’s mind on Obamacare is a beautiful thing; California GOP Congressman is accused by House Ethics committee of spending campaign funds for pet bunny’s air travel … and more; GOP leader who accused Dems of voter fraud is accused of voter fraud (spoiler alert: his wife turned him in); 4th grade Latino robotics team prevails after competitors chant, “go back to Mexico”; over 800 churches now offering sanctuary to immigrants; sign up for new Moscow Project, and help uncover 45’s Russia ties.

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Good News March 20

This week’s Good News from the Resistance: 45 and his Tea Party cronies inspire progressive legislators to introduce anti-masturbation and Viagra acts; well-connected 45-Resister Jon Ossoff has a good shot at flipping Atlanta Congressional seat next month; insulting (yet true) tweet from McDonald’s to 45 causes a stir; paranoia running high in the White House, as staffers use secret apps to protect email accounts from one another; unexpected Voting Rights win in Texas is very good news for the Dems; pharmaceutical company introduces new drug to help us through 45’s reign; Action of the Week: Sign up for Rise Stronger.

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Good News March 13

This week’s Good News from the Resistance: Join the fun and help flood the White House with postcards this Wednesday (Ides of March); scientist-resisters save EPA climate change data that 45 wanted deleted; thanks to record donations, ACLU hires scores of lawyers who are working day and night to hit 45 where it hurts; post-election BIGLY surge in progressive women running for office; GOP heavy-hitters resisting 45’s Border Wall; court orders New Orleans to (finally) remove public statues that celebrate racial oppression and slavery; Mexican journalists promise U.S. journalists, “We have your backs.” 

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