Good News July 10

This week’s Good News from the Resistance: Courts continue to rule against 45’s agenda, cities and states continue to work towards saving our climate, the press continues to come up with creative ways to pull the veil off 45’s shady ways, and yes, we are still capable of enjoying a good laugh. In this week’s Good News from the Resistance:

  • 15,000 immigrants celebrate the 4th by becoming U.S. citizens
  • Why you want to be in San Francisco  September 2018
  • DeVos protects unscrupulous for-profit colleges, and states sue
  • CNN’s hilarious response to 45’s latest Twitter Tantrum
  • Politico’s Unauthorized White House visitor log
  • EPA’s recent loss in court is a win for public health
  • FL court stops Stand Your Ground law from getting worse
  • Person who makes a difference: Retired Trader Joe’s exec Doug Rauch
  • Take action: Ask your Secretary of State to say no to sharing voting lists with 45

Sign Up. Show Up. Never give up.

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Good News July 3

This week’s Good News from the Resistance: What says Happy 4th of July better than  a president who gears up for the holiday by publicly displaying his demented mind to all of the world by broadcasting misogynistic tweets that would land most 8 year olds in the principal’s office? It’s business as usual in 45’s Kingdom. Forget the distraction. Let’s celebrate the Good News: Resisters, GOP Congresspeople with a conscience, and state governors managed to delay the Senate’s healthcare bill a bit longer.  And there’s more …

  • We delayed the Senate health care vote – but there’s still work to be done
  • Fox News mysteriously stops covering TrumpNoCare news
  • GOP Governors in a tizzy over TrumpNoCare
  • Celebrate the 4th by watching this Hamilton mixtape and sending it to a friend
  • ICE changes its mind about the 9/11 worker it wanted to deport
  • 45 is demanding voter data from the states, and they’re resisting
  • Hawaii sues over latest version of travel ban
  • Judge orders overhaul of Alabama’s prison mental health system
  • Sign your name to let 194 countries know you care about climate change

Sign Up. Show Up. Never give up.

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Good News June 26

This week’s Good News from the Resistance: Ossoff losing was not Good News. But when the going gets tough, resisters get more creative. While the Georgia election, Russia, and TrumpNoCare were making the headlines this week, state and city government resisters continued to push back against 45’s agenda, and judges continued to rule against the administration’s mean-spirited policies. To quote the late, great Leonard Cohen, “There is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in.” And light there is. Read our message from, hitch up your knickers, and get back to work.

  • How to move forward after Ossoff’s loss
  • California comes up with a travel ban we can embrace
  • Houston City Council joins suit against State of Texas on “sanctuary city” law
  • Ad for ironworker trying to unseat Paul Ryan hits the target
  • Resisters show up at McConnell’s D.C. office to protest TrumpNoCare
  • How techies are resisting 45
  • Detroit judge refuses to deport Christian Iraqis
  • American Meteorological Society attempts to school dim-witted Rick Perry
  • Who to call and what to do THIS WEEK to resist TrumpNoCare (it really matters!)

Sign Up. Show Up. Never give up.

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Good News June 20

This week’s Good News from the Resistance:

  • Congressional Appropriations Committee refuses to gut EPA budget
  • Gay, black D.C. policewoman saves life of homophobic racist Congressman
  • Not to be missed: video of Australian prime minister mocking 45
  • Career diplomats in Beijing, London, Qatar are resisting
  • Supreme Court (finally) takes on illegal GOP gerrymandering
  • Handy, uplifting list of 45 associates under investigation .. so far
  • WNBA steps up to support Planned Parenthood
  • Battle for healthcare down to 10 states: what you can do to help

Sign Up. Show Up. Never give up.

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This week’s Good News from the Resistance: Good News is on vacation in France! We’re super busy trying to get a meeting with the Leader of the Free World, Emmanuel Macron, to thank him for Resisting 45, so we haven’t had time to put together this week’s Good News. But don’t despair. We thought this would be a good time to review all of the Resistance Successes we’ve scored since 45’s Reign of Hell began.

Before we left for a part of the world that has managed to elect competent leaders, we put together a Top 10 list of BEST NEWS FROM THE RESISTANCE (so far). Read, enjoy, and give yourselves a big pat on the back for being part of it all.



  1. America is awake! Resisters are everywhere!
  2. Russia investigation has legs … thank-you Obama, for the kickstart
  3. 1,000 % increase in women running for office
  4. The press continues to say, “damn, no!” to the lies
  5. States are finding their Mojo, resisting, and winning
  6. Mayors, CEOs, countries, and citizens say yes to Paris
  7. Travel Ban banned
  8. New Leader of the Free World has emerged, he’s French, and he’s a Resister
  9. Courts (including Supremes)  rule against GOP gerrymandering
  10. 45’s lawyers researching “Impeachment”

Sign Up. Show Up. Never give up.


Good News June 5

This week’s Good News from the Resistance: We may not always have Paris, but we have a worldwide Resistance, inspired, motivated, and strengthened by 45. In this week’s Good News:

  • French president Macron offers asylum to America’s scientists
  • Former NY mayor Bloomberg commits $15 million to uphold Paris Agreement
  • National Spelling Bee champ struggles with “covfefe”
  • 78-year old Maxine Waters (D-CA) ratchets up her resistance
  • Middle school resisters diss House Speaker Ryan
  • Resistance candidates on a winning streak in down ballot races
  • Corporate CEOs vow to resist 45’s assault on the environment
  • Muslim community demonstrates (once again) that love trumps hate
  • How to celebrate Immigrant Heritage Month

Sign Up. Show Up. Never give up.

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Good News May 29

This week’s Good News from the Resistance: There’s so much good news that this week’s edition is a bit longer than usual. Resisters everywhere are scoring wins: In a New Jersey bank, the California governor’s office, the Supreme Court … we’re everywhere.  In this week’s Good News:

  • NJ resisters go into overdrive after GOP Congressman warns bank top brass that  a senior v.p. is Resistance “ringleader”
  • California bucks 45 and takes lead on climate change
  • Appeals court strikes down (again) 45’s Muslim travel ban
  • Federal agency data is mysteriously disappearing, but resisters are finding it
  • New Orleans takes down last of its Confederate monuments
  • State Dept. quietly, against 45’s wishes, eliminates refugee quota
  • Alec Baldwin teaches 3-year old daughter how to impersonate 45
  • Red district flips Blue in N.H. special election – first time since 1913
  • Supreme Court rules against GOP gerrymandering in N.C.
  • Tell Congress Hands Off! public education

Sign Up. Show Up. Never give up.

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Good News May 22

This week’s Good News from the Resistance: The drip, drip of Russia has been upgraded to a trickle of a stream. Once again, we’re reminded of the words of Martin Luther King: “The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice.” In this week’s Good News:

  • When Bad News is Good News: Handy recap of where we stand on dizzying Russia probe
  • GOP majority leader warns Ryan and others, in 2016, that 45 is on Putin’s payroll
  • Anderson Cooper can’t help himself when 45 loyalist defends Comey’s firing
  • Notre Dame students turn their backs and walk out on Pence
  • 45’s lawyers kick-start research on impeachment
  • Al Franken video describes the importance of judging a book by its cover
  • West Wing staffers scrambling to hire personal lawyers
  • Why the Senate will not be repealing Obamacare anytime soon
  • Sign up for Checklist for Americans with Conscience

Sign Up. Show Up. Never give up.

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Good News May 15

This week’s Good News from the Resistance: Ok, it was another tough week. But we’ve been at this long enough now to know that tough weeks simply make the Resistance stronger and more creative. To lighten the mood, this week’s Good News opens with an adorable kid video. And ends with a Trump Deplorable being caught on camera at Trader Joe’s, getting a big, fat comeuppance by the target of her racist comments. In this week’s Good News:

  • Adorable kid swatted in face by v.p. Pence demands an apology
  • Students Resist when Education Secretary DeVos speaks at graduation
  • With Comey’s firing, White House paranoia and leakage escalate
  • Macron’s victory a slap in the face for 45
  • Senate bucks 45 and upholds Obama’s anti-drilling rule
  • South Shore Action news keeps Resisters busy & in the loop
  • Racist Deplorable caught on video at Trader Joe’s
  • Creative, new idea for dealing with GOP Town Hall no-shows: Adopt a District

Sign Up. Show Up. Never give up.

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Good News May 8

This week’s Good News from the Resistance: Thursday’s healthcare vote was fuel for the Resistance. Congress is on recess, but Town Halls are becoming as rare as a Republican with a backbone. What’s a Resister to do? Thousands are planning  “Die-Ins” outside of Congressional district offices. Camera-ready, community-building, and downright fun. All of this and more in this week’s Good News:

  • Tired of standing up at all of those rallies and marches? Attend a Die-In and lie down!
  • Payback’s a bitch (who can’t be grabbed): Non-partisan Cook Report predicts this week’s healthcare vote will flip at least 20 Red seats Blue
  • London’s Victoria & Albert Museum adds Pussyhat to its collection
  • So goes the nation: Very Red Nebraska City Council flips Blue
  • Every major U.S. TV network has says NYET to airing 45’s lying campaign ads
  • GOP’s latest attempt to suppress voting in Ossoff election fails
  • Dutch website helps American women to safely end early, unwanted pregnancies

Sign Up. Show Up. Never give up.

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