Good People:
Meet Dolly Chugh

Good People for the Resistance: I’m often asked how I stay motivated to write Good News when there’s so much bad news coming at us. It’s simple: I do my best to surround myself with Good People. I’m fortunate to count among my friends people like Elaine, who teaches 8th grade English in a largely immigrant community, and Billy, who has spent most of his adult life working to eliminate childhood hunger in the U.S. I focus on and appreciate what makes people like Elaine and Billy so good. And now, I’m going to share their stories with you. DRUM ROLL, PLEASE…

Introducing, Good People, a twice-monthly interview with people who give me hope during these dark times. I have a roster of Good People I’m itching to share with Good News readers. And I bet we’d all like to know the Good People in your lives, too. Leave a comment and tell us who they are, and how their goodness motivates you. Who knows? One day I may call them up, interview them, and share their goodness with the world. (Yes! We have Good News readers in Mexico, France, England, Canada, New Zealand, Germany, and more!).

First up: Dolly Chugh, a social scientist who studies the psychology of good people, author of The Person You Mean to Be. Dolly encourages us to stop trying so hard to be a Good Person, but rather, to strive for a higher standard, of being Good-ish. Her Ted Talk, one of the top-25 of 2018, has over 3-million views. Dolly’s day-job is an NYU Stern School of Business professor. Even though she disagrees with my language, I think Dolly is a Really Good Person. I’ve known her for over a decade, yet what I didn’t know before this interview is that in tough situations Dolly is sometimes a total wimp. She confesses to having decidedly “un-activist” thoughts during a Black Lives Matter protest, and a “polite” strategy to avoid shaking Trump’s hand if the situation ever presented itself. Frankly, it was refreshing to know that one of the most good people I know is a mere mortal. Or, in her words, Good-ish.

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Meet Dolly Chugh

The Climate for Change

Good News from the Resistance: Remember the good ‘ole days, back in the Reagan Administration, when a president who wanted to flip the bird at environmentalists simply ripped the solar panels off the White House roof? Today, the panoply of world-destroying actions our Climate Denier-in-Chief has in his treasure chest surely makes him giddier than a VIP pass to ADULTCON. The Good News? Democrats and swing voters are finally putting the environment at the top of the issues they care about. Cities, states, environmental groups and private sector companies are finding creative ways to fill in the gaps and mitigate the damage until the current resident of the White House is little more than a nasty stain in our collective memory.

Los Angeles, the second largest U.S. city, just launched its own Green New Deal, speeding up its efforts to have a carbon-neutral economy by 2050. Judicially, the state of California has emerged to be a formidable opponent to the White House’s efforts to dismantle Obama-era environmental regulations; federal judges have sided with the state and environmental groups in the majority of cases concerning air pollution, pesticides, and oil and gas extraction. Maine just became the first state to ban single-use Styrofoam. 187 countries signed an agreement to limit plastic waste pollution.  And the nation’s top environmental groups recently joined forces to create GiveGreen, a fundraising platform to support candidates committed to accelerating action on climate change.

Clever scientists and everyday do-gooders continue to come up with lifelines. In Iceland, carbon sequestration technology, Carbfix, is capturing CO2 emissions from a power plant and turning it into stone. Last week, plant-based food company Beyond Meat enjoyed a wildly successful IPO, raising hundreds of millions for its expansion, while combatting the negative environmental impact of animal agriculture with a vegan product that tastes shockingly like real meat.  And in Brazil, a single family has spent the last 20 years planting over 2 million trees in a deforested cattle ranch, which today is home to 293 species of trees, 172 species of birds, 33 species of mammals, and 15 species of reptiles and amphibians.

Our favorite environmental Good News of all? Last month, green-powered energy created more electricity than coal-powered plants in the U.S. Which means that despite our Coal Enthusiast-in-Chief’s best efforts, we’re moving in the right direction. As it turns out, there’s a growing market for renewable energy. Coal? Not so much. Hats off, once again, to our brilliant businessman president.

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Sign Up. Show Up. Never Give Up.

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