12 Things You Can Do:
Tsunami 2020!

Good News from the Resistance: How’s the pandemic going for you? Here’s how it’s going for me: Each morning I spend hours reading Bad News, in search of a Good News gem. Which sets me up for afternoons of hand-wringing, outrage, and hours-long Zillow searches in Canada. Every night I plop into bed with an exaggerated sigh and ask my husband, what will become of us?  (I’m never quite sure if he’s sleeping or pretend-sleeping, because he’s really tired of the question). Then, I spend a good part of the night deep in anxious thought, wondering, is the person who does my Insta-Cart shopping the same person who delivers it?; did the speeding, coughing, mask-less cyclist who passed me while I was walking the dog have COVID?; how long can RBG hang on?; can the people I’m Zooming with see the swath of grey in my hair?

I’ve worried, I’ve screamed, I’ve melted down, I’ve felt guilty each time I’ve deleted an email that asks me to make phone calls for a progressive candidate. What I have not done is act. Other than write Good News and donate to a couple campaigns, I have done little to ensure that on November 3 there will be a Tsunami of Democracy in this country. I admit it.

This all changed yesterday, when Biden announced Kamala Harris as his v.p. The news energized me, and I sprung to action. I hope you’ll join me. And if you’re way ahead of me on the action part, thank you. Keep going.

Next week I’ll be writing letters to unregistered Maine voters. The week after that I’ll be participating in a Text-a-Thon, largely because I don’t like phone banking. Can’t stand to text? No problem, you can write a letter. Have bad penmanship? No problem, you can host a virtual letter-writing party with your friends, and have them write for you. I’m struck by the many creative ways to contribute to the Tsunami. It’s time to turn anxiety into action.

The Ask: Sign up for at least one of the actions below. You can do all of them from home! Then forward this newsletter to a friend (or two or three) and ask them to join you. There’s something for everyone here. Together we can do this. Our Democracy depends on Us.

Have fun, wear a mask, and get some sleep. See you at the Text-a-Thon?

12 Things You Can Do To Ensure a 2020 Blue Tsunami

  1. Learn what Super States are, and why it’s important to focus our actions there
  2. Check out the calendar of Swing Left actions in your community (there are lots!)
  3. Sign up for a Virtual Activism Workshop (Aug. 16th, 25th)
  4. Register for Resistance Boot Camp on August 18 to help protect the right to vote
  5. Join the Text-a-Thon on Aug. 22 to help reach 1 million voters in battleground states
  6. Sign Color of Change petitions to pass the John Lewis Voting Rights Act & more …
  7. Say good-bye to Susan Collins by helping register Maine voters 
  8. Register with Vote Forward to help send 10 million voter turnout letters in October
  9. Call Wisconsin voters on any Sunday afternoon
  10. Get in touch with your friends and family in Michigan and help them vote
  11. Host a Flip Pennsylvania virtual letter-writing party
  12. Gather your kids to make beautiful signs that will go where they’re needed

And last, but not least, join an Indivisible group, donate to close Senate races, and of course, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

Sign Up. Show Up. Never Give Up. 

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