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Donny Dumbs Down Davos

Good News from the Resistance: It’s tough not to cringe while thinking about 45 being invited to give the closing address at Davos, but the Good News is that thousands of resisters flooded Zurich streets to protest, a group of seven climbers scaled a Swiss mountain to hang an anti-45 banner, and during 45’s speech attendees booed his “fake news” remarks, while others left, mid-speech, “to catch an early flight.” That said, we’ll be on the lookout for a White House-issued photo of the biggest crowds ever to attend a Davos speech. But now, dear Resisters, it’s Mueller Time …

Much of this week’s Good News was owned by Bob Oh-He’s-Getting-So-Close Mueller.  After interviewing Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Mueller now wants to question 45. Under oath. Our Liar-in-Chief immediately agreed to the interview. Oh, to be  a fly on the wall in White House lawyer Ty Cobb’s office, when he heard his boss had said to reporters, “I’m looking forward to it, actually.”  It’s no surprise that Cobb went into overdrive, back-pedaling and clarifying, trying to clean up yet another 45-induced mess. What could he have to hide? Well, for starters, this week the New York Times reported that 45 tried to fire Mueller last June, but when his lawyer threatened to quit, 45 backed down. Which is why it is increasingly likely that Mueller thinks 45 obstructed justice. To that we say, Go, Bob, Go!

Finally, who would’ve thought so much Good News would come out of Pennsylvania in a single week? A PA court rejected a GOP gerrymandered voting map, which will work in favor of the Blue Wave of 2018; Democrat Austin Davis won in a special election for the PA House, making him the first African-American to represent a district outside of Pittsburgh’s urban core; Rep. Patrick Meehan, a member of the House Ethics Committee, will not seek re-election after it was discovered he had quietly settled a sexual harassment suit filed by a former employee. Icing on the cake? Meehan, a Republican, holds a seat in a largely Democratic district. Once again we say, “Blue Wave.” Keep reading,Good News seekers, as there’s more to cheer about in this week’s Good News:

Sign Up. Show Up. Never Give Up.


45 and family asked the Guggenheim if they could borrow a non-fake Van Gogh painting to hang in the White House. The museum said no to the Van Gogh, but yes to the Gold Toilet.

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9 million poor children get healthcare through CHIP. It’s never been controversial — until now.

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The question is why anyone ever allowed 45 to appoint a 24-year old (who had never held a full-time job) to a senior administration position. Now he’s gone.

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New work requirement rules would cause close to 100,000 to lose Medicaid coverage. Recipients in Kentucky are fighting back.

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In Indiana, Democrats and Republicans agreed on one thing in last week’s Town Hall: Rep. Tim Banks (R-IN) is a liar.

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A cartoon about America’s Cartoon President.

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The Outdoor Retailers’ Show isn’t typically a forum for resistance. But these are not typical times. Bravo, Patagonia!

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45’s first State of the Union is Tuesday. Actor Mark Ruffalo and his friends – Whoopi Goldberg, Michael Moore, Wanda Sykes, Zoe Kravitz, Cynthia Nixon, Kathy Najimy, Rosie Perez, and others – are planning an alternative, more positive event.

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