Farewell, Good News Seekers

On February 13, 2017, a few weeks after the Orange Grifter moved into the White House, I sent the inaugural Good News from the Resistance to two hundred lucky souls fortunate enough to be in my Contact List. Some unsubscribed immediately. (I know who you are). Some waited a few weeks to cut the cord. But many of you stuck with me – then forwarded to your friends, who forwarded to more friends, and before I knew it, this technology-bashing Baby Boomer who vehemently refused to maintain a Twitter, Snapchat, or Instagram account was writing a blog, and thousands of people were reading it. (That I embraced Facebook says more about my age than my attitude towards Mark Zuckerberg).

Over the last four years, I’ve been thanked by countless Good News seekers for helping you get through the Orange Stain. Yet, it’s you I need to thank. No matter how despondent I was, my spirits were lifted each time I put together an issue of Good News –  105 times! — and Good People — 23 times! (A famous social psychology theory explains why).

When I started writing Good News I promised to publish until the Orange Grifter was gone. My plan was to wrap up the day after he conceded to Biden/Harris. It’s now clear this is about as likely to happen as Mitch McConnell calling a press conference to apologize for his complicity. So here you have it — the final Good News from the Resistance, marking the final week of The Worst Year of Our Lives.

I’m ending with the photo I used in the very first issue – (left to right) friend Marjorie, me, and niece Ros getting ready for the 2017 Women’s March. The night before the March I threw a sign-making party; this shot was taken in the supermarket, after I scored a tub of Cheetos. Guess how I used them on my sign?

Thank you, everyone. It’s been an honor to have you as part of my life.

Remember this: No matter how much Bad News they threw at us, Good News-makers always showed up to teach us, in the words of Leonard Cohen, there is a crack, there is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in.

I’ll leave you with a review of the 2020 Good News stories you liked best, and the most popular Good People.

Your faithful Good News steward,


2020 Most Popular Good News Stories

# 10. Tik Tok users filled up Trump on-line store shopping carts, then abandoned them.

# 9.  Pub Choir sings gorgeous rendition of Close to You.

# 8. 10 tunes to sing while you wash your hands (equivalent of Happy Birthday twice).

# 7. Obama breaks the Internet.

# 6. Sales of Lush’s limited edition soap go toward protecting undocumented immigrants.

# 5. Trevor Noah’s balcony singing does not go well.

# 4. Michelle makes a come-back!

# 3. Chairman of Joint Chief of Staffs takes a swing at un-American Swindler-in-Chief.

# 2. What not to buy during the pandemic.

# 1. How to avoid a coup.

Most Popular Good People (the Best of the Best)

 Beth Dolan.  Los Angeles-based filmmaker Beth Dolan has spent the lockdown in post-production on her documentary, Stranger At Home: The Untold Story of Military Mental Health. A media strategist who was part of President Elect Joe Biden’s campaign has joined her team. The plan, says Beth, is to get the film in front of the incoming administration. She’s hopeful that “Biden will be the Commander In Chief who genuinely steps in and completely reforms Military Mental Health Policy and practices.” Check out the film’s website.

Ezra Levin. With co-founder/spouse Leah Greenberg of Indivisible, the dynamic duo catalyzed millions of patriots to help save Democracy. Their efforts were integral in flipping the House, the White House, and maybe — let’s keeping working and praying for Georgia — the Senate.

Julia Mejia. When I interviewed Julia, she was a social justice activist in Boston, running for Boston City Council At-Large. Today she is a Boston City Councilor.

Dolly Chugh. Professor Chugh, a social scientist who studies the psychology of good people, is the author of The Person You Mean to Be. She now has a fabulous newsletter, Dear Good People. Sign up!

 Colby Swettberg. When I interviewed Colby, they were executive director of Silver Lining Mentoring, an organization that  brings stability, love, and a sense of belonging to young people in foster care. Today they are CEO of Silver Lining Institute, teaching organizations involved in delivering foster care services how to run the most effective mentoring programs for the youth they serve. 

Sign Up. Show Up. Never Give Up.

Wear a Mask. Keep Your Distance. Get Vaccinated.

16 thoughts on “Farewell, Good News Seekers

  1. Thank you for your hard work and optimism. It helped me, and all my friends I shared it with, to know that there was light to be seen in this period of darkness. Hope you are ready to return if we need you down the road!


  2. Marla, thank you for this four year run of Good News and Good People. It has brought lightness into the darkness. I am, as always, looking forward to your next act!


  3. Marla,
    You rock! Thank you for every word.
    You are in our hearts.
    xoxo Jane Attanucci


  4. Thank you, Marla, for bringing desperately needed Good News into our lives these past four very dark years. Often when I felt distraught about the state of our country, an issue would arrive and magically part the clouds enough to see rays of lights (Good People!) and to lighten the mood with some humor. Good News provided a sense of community during a tremendously isolating time and reassurance that each of us fans of Good News were connected to a larger group who shared the mantra of resistance. Thanks for giving us hope, humor, and specific ways of directing our despair into action. Even though Good News the newsletter is ending, thanks for planting seeds of Good News to keep blooming.


    1. And thank YOU for encouraging me to start Good News. And talking me off the ledge each time the news was so grim I considered giving it up.


      1. I am so proud of you my wonderful daughter. The video was a blessing at a time that I needed some good news. Your grandmother and grandfather always felt as did your father and I and I of your specialness. Please keep up your wonderful life and keep me part of it ItlLove was amazing how many of your friends I recognized.


  5. Nooooo!!!!!! What will I read?? What will you write now? Good news never goes out of style. Find a blog to call your own and send us the link. I beg you .


  6. Congrats on a good run assisting the resistance! Thanks for all the good news and fun snark. Interested to see what’s next!!


  7. Thanks so much for this! Was a big help in surviving the Trump years as well as the pandemic!


    1. Thank you. Keep me from sinking into despair. Now only if we can pull off 2 Senate seats in Georgia ..


  8. Thank you, Marla, for being a light during dark times. I hope there is no need for us to be reminded of good people and deeds in the upcoming 4+ years. I know with your writing talent you will find ways to contribute to positivity and rationality. Thank you.


      1. Call me a late bloomer…. did not discover WTF until November 2020 and did not discover your Good News (because of WTF) until today. Pondering “better” title for my recent WTF post led me here. My posts would have been better suited to your site. Please consider coming back (or finding a replacement… which, honestly, seems impossible!) I live in the Rio Grande Valley. I have tried your mantra but I keep wondering, “Is Trump-era Fallout the US Chernobyl?” Thank you so much for shining the bright light.


  9. Marla, I wrote too much and my email locked up. I was trying to add, my Mom said, “Bill, you have to use your elbows to get through crowds. I learned this in Bawlamer.”. They say opposites attract, and my parents were polar opposites (Seattle and Bawlamer), and we settled in Texas.


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