Happy Birthday #2 Good News!

This week’s Good News from the Resistance: Happy 2nd Birthday to Good News! It’s hard to believe that what started as a whisper in my ear two years ago is still going strong (albeit, a tad less frequently). What was my motivation? It’s explained in the Inaugural Issue, which featured a selfie of Yours Truly flanked by friends Marjorie and Rosalind, as we stood in line at the supermarket after scoring a family-size container of Cheetos. That night I was hosting a sign-making party for the next day’s Inaugural Women’s March. Guess what we did with the Cheetos?

This week, I re-read all 80 issues of Good News. My conclusion?  We, the Resisters, have been successful beyond my wildest dreams at staying the course and living our mission: to dilute, delay, and defeat Trump’s nefarious plans. If you don’t believe me — or don’t remember details of the last action-packed two years — jog your memory with this Good News 2 Year Birthday Recap. Rejoice. Then get back to work!

  • Indivisible started it all, urging us to show up and kick up a fuss at GOP Town Halls. Tea Party star Dave Brat (R-VA) was one of many legislators who complained about being held accountable to his constituents, when he famously whined, “the women are in my grill no matter where I go.” One of those pesky, out-spoken women, Abigail Spanberger, now holds the former Congressman’s seat.
  • In the wake of the Parkland massacre, young people became radicalized and unleashed their power by organizing a National School Walkout for over 1 million students.

We are what Democracy looks like.


3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday #2 Good News!

  1. Happy 2nd-year Birthday, Good News! Thank you for being a voice of clarity, strength, and humor in these otherwise dark and confusing times. We’ve still got a ways to go, but this recap reminds us how much good news there is to tout and to keep us invigorated for continuing the resistance. Congratulations on this milestone and party hearty!


  2. Marla, you rock! Thanks for staying the course and keeping us on it with you.
    XOXO Jane


  3. Thank you so much for the recap. You have prevented yet another suicide! :)))


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