Good News Inaugural Edition

This week’s Good News from the Resistance: Something’s happening here .. and GOP politicians are running in fear; Army officer gets his Afghani interpreter to U.S. in the nick of time; Ohio neighbor demonstrates love really does trump hate; Virginia politician whines that too many women are bothering him; the People’s Calendar helps you figure out which politicians to bother (or thank) in your neighborhood, and when.

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Marla’s Good News

Lately I’ve been getting a lot of emails from friends that include one or more of these phrases: “we need to pace ourselves,” “this is going to be a marathon, not a sprint,” and “do you want to go to a 4-hour restorative yoga class with me?”

My response: I’ve been an activist all of my life. I’ve been training for this for decades, ever since I put on a Women Against Reagan (WAR!) t-shirt in 1980, went to D.C. with my mother to protest his inauguration – and wound up convincing a policeman not to lock my mother up when her chanting got a bit too “spirited.”

Yet, I found myself thinking a week after “45” (a.ka. Trump, the 45th president) moved into the White House, “I’m really scared. I’m not sure the world is going to survive this presidency. Should I tell my dog?”

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