Ode to Kellyanne

This week’s Good News from the Resistance: Saturday Night Live’s Ode to Kellyanne is spot-on; 45 whines that he hates everyone in the White House; Manafort’s relationship with Russian oligarch is way more expensive than previously thought; top GOP donors are closing their wallets. Keep your chin up, and that fight in your belly – there’s more Good News:

  • States quick to sue over Obamacare Executive Order
  • Pornographer offers 45 impeachment reward
  • Undocumented immigrant in church sanctuary walks free
  • Handmaids unite
  • NFL players’ union on “the knee”
  • Twitter bans GOP candidate’s ad
  • Rabbis build a protest Sukkot at Trump Tower
  • Scottish resisters protest 45
  • Chinese artist Weiwei builds 45 a sculpture
  • People making a difference: D.C. chef feeds Puerto Rico
  • Take action: Sign up for Wall of Us

Sign Up. Show Up. Never give up.

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DeVos Dumbs Down Harvard

This week’s Good News from the Resistance: 45 got into a pissing match with the mayor of San Juan, then showed up on the island to “help” by lobbing rolls of paper towels into a crowd; secretary of state Rex Tillerson may or may not have called 45 a moron;  the NRA is supporting a “bump stock” ban, demonstrating once again that the nation’s #1 death machine has possibly the best public relations team in the universe. But you knew all of that. Here’s even better Good News:

  • Another GOP Congressman caught with his pants down
  • Billionaire environmentalist plays hardball
  • Washington Monument plays 45’s “P***y” tape
  • Court orders 45 to reinstate Obama rule
  • Lock ’em up! Lock ’em up!
  • Charlottesville rally organizer indicted
  • California becomes sanctuary state
  • Obama staffers take on ACA enrollment
  • New focus on Mueller’s investigation
  • People making a difference: Reporters who outed HHS secretary Tom Price
  • Take action: Gun control

Sign Up. Show Up. Never give up.

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Puerto Rican Mayor Gets Nasty

This week’s Good News from the Resistance: We still have Obamacare, the GOP is fuming over Planned Parenthood funding remaining in place, favored son-in-law Jared Kushner admits to using his private email for government business, and HHS Secretary Tom Price is out after Politico reveals he’s spent millions of tax payers’ dollars chartering private & military planes. But you knew all of that. Here’s more Good News:

  • Two more seats go Blue in special elections
  • DeVos goes to Harvard
  • Republican Governor INCREASES abortion access
  • Cafeteria ladies in the news
  • Air Force general lets it rip
  • Librarian tells Melania to keep her damn books
  • Philly raises a statue
  • Class action suit against Jared Kushner
  • People making a difference: Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters
  • Take action: Help Puerto Rico

Sign Up. Show Up. Never give up.


Democrats’ special election hot streak continues in NH and FL.

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What happened when DeVos showed up to speak at Harvard.

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“I do not think it’s fair to deny poor women the choice that rich women have.”

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NFL player’s random act of kindness made their day.

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When racists present themselves at Air Force Academy, General does NOT call them “very fine people.”

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Melania sent books to “needy” library – and they sent them back.

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Philly gives credit where credit is due.

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Kushnerville tenants in Baltimore have had enough.

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74-year old rocker emasculates 45 throughout his Us + Them tour.

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The Latino Legacy Fund and The Alliance for Puerto Rico are getting aid to where it’s most needed.

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Good News September 25

This week’s Good News from the Resistance: Our stomachs were in knots all week over TrumpNoCare, and then came the public bullying between Rocket Man and The Dotard.  It was easy to get pulled under by the daily headlines. And yet. Investigations, legislation and lawsuits — actions that will pay off in the long run — are moving in the right (left?) direction. Plus, there was John McCain, demonstrating that someone in the GOP has a conscience, or simply a vendetta against 45. We’ll take either.  In this week’s Good News:

  • What happened when Black Lives Matter showed up at pro-45 rally
  • 45’s lawyers overheard by NYT reporter
  • Jimmy Kimmel helps kill TrumpNoCare
  • Tables turn on racist college student
  • Oregon figures out how to register voters
  • Mueller moves on 45
  • Zuckerberg does the right thing
  • ResistFest Santa Cruz
  • Climate actions move forward, without 45
  • The Resistance speeds up GOP retirements
  • Sanctuary cities remain safe – for now
  • Taking the Knee
  • People making a difference: Resistance Leaders Ezra & Leah
  • Take action: Keep up the heat to save Obamacare

Sign Up. Show Up. Never give up.

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Good News September 18

This week’s Good News from the Resistance: A remedy for all those sleepless nights worrying if the world will end while we’re not checking our news feeds; Mueller sinks his teeth in more deeply and refuses to let go; Dems flip two more seats deep in GOP territory; and Jane the Virgin teaches America what it needs to know about “illegals.” In this week’s Good News:

  • Infomercial gives us tips on how to survive 45
  • Why we know that Mueller’s not letting go
  • Science scores a win
  • Dems flip two more seats
  • Why 45 should watch Jane the Virgin’s new show
  • Bannon to 45: You’re so vain, you probably think this protest is about you
  • Microsoft builds a wall
  • Obama’s up to good in Chicago
  • 12 Americans walk into a Mexican bar, filled with “rapists and criminals”
  • Pope slams 45 & co.
  • People making a difference: Lin-Manuel Miranda goes to Washington
  • Take action: Keep up the heat to save DACA

Sign Up. Show Up. Never give up.

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Good News September 11

This week’s Good News from the Resistance:  When the going gets tough, Resisters get tougher. In the wake of Sessions’s DACA announcement, protests erupted across the country as Dreamers and their allies took to the streets, blocked traffic, picketed the White House … and even created a scene in 45’s D.C. hotel. Now that the GOP is showing signs of resistance, 45 is starting to sniff around on the other side of the aisle. The plot thickens. In this week’s Good News:

  • Former Mexican president Vicente Fox lets it rip
  • Most Creative DACA Protest of the Week
  • Professors who do, in addition to teach
  • Homeland Security’s Make America Great Again raid cancelled
  • Senate Appropriations committee to 45: Are you kidding?
  • Obama’s back!
  • Another court rules against 45’s travel ban
  • States sue over DACA decision
  • Butt resistance
  • Music for the Resistance
  • People making a difference: Mexican artist builds a wall
  • Take action: What you can do about DACA

Sign Up. Show Up. Never give up.

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Good News September 5

This week’s Good News from the Resistance: We’ll be frank: There was no Good News today.  After Jeff Sessions announced that 45 was repealing DACA, we simply did not have the heart to publish Good News. And then … We attended an impromptu rally, where we heard many DACA recipients speak about how their lives will change as a result of this hateful action. So we pulled up our Big Girl pants and got back to work. This issue of Good News from the Resistance is dedicated to all of the DACA-mented and un-DACA-mented immigrants who make America great. In their honor, we will simply give you the facts of what happened today, and let you know what you can do to turn horrible news into Good News:

  • 5 things you should know about DACA
  • Learn about the DREAM Act of 2017: How you can turn hope into reality
  • Applaud the documented & undocumented students arrested today in NYC
  • Call, tweet, email these elected officials
  • Thank resister Martin Vidal
  • Show up at a rally to support immigrant youth

Sign Up. Show Up. Never give up.

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Good News August 28

This week’s Good News from the Resistance:  The Summer of 2017 surely will go down as the Summer of Protests – both carried out and cancelled. It started last week in Boston, where 40,000+ marchers took to the streets to rally against hate, and continued this past Saturday, when 680+ Rallies Against Hate were held across the country, from Fresno, California to Knoxville, Tennessee. In an unequivocal display of love trumping hate, dozens of White Supremacist “free speech” gatherings were called off at the last minute, but the Good Guys still showed up. In this week’s Good News:

  • San Franciscans put their dogs to work against hate
  • Berkeley wins our “Most Creative Resistance Technique” award
  • Anti-Muslim hate mongers cancel 67 rallies
  • Rolling Stone’s comprehensive account of The Resistance
  • Rabbis refuse to answer 45’s call
  • Singer Missy Elliott vs. Confederate statute
  • Former CIA agent Valerie Plame’s big idea
  • UN panel weighs in against 45
  • Mueller and his team go deeper
  • WH staffer you’ve never heard of quits
  • Nun’s public slam of Paul Ryan
  • Liberty University students return their diplomas
  • People who make a difference: Cleveland Brown Seth DeValve
  • Take action: Help victims (humans & their pets) of Hurricane Harvey

Sign Up. Show Up. Never give up.

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Good News August 21

This week’s Good News from the Resistance: On the heels of last week’s tragedy in Charlottesville — the violence and 45’s egregious response — comes this week’s list of All-Star Resisters: comedian Tina Fey, country singer Roseanne Cash, Stonewall Jackson’s great-great grandchildren, Harvard Business School professor Max H. Bazerman, and more.  While we’re waiting for the GOP to step up and demonstrate they are not the Party of Hate, we’ll sleep better at night knowing these patriots are speaking out. In fact, there are so many All Stars this week (and the list is growing), we needed to put together our second Double Issue! In this week’s Good News from the Resistance:

  • 45’s “let them eat cake” attitude inspires Tina Fey
  • Can Lehigh University take back 45’s Honorary degree?
  • Arts Commission gives 45 a collective middle finger
  • Harvard Business School prof has choice words for “business” president
  • NYPD police rally in support of unemployed quarterback
  • Evangelical pastor quits 45’s advisory board
  • Stonewall Jackson’s great-great grandsons say “take ’em down!”
  • Johnny Cash’s daughters speak out
  • This version of “First they came for the socialists…” deserves a Pulitzer
  • Artist defaces-enhances wall of 45’s hotel
  • Mar-a-Lago event revenue taking a big hit
  • GOP Senators inexplicably camera-shy after Charlottesville
  • Bob Corker (R-TN) goes off on 45
  • Tech companies blocking 45’s Nazi base from their sites
  • Take action: Help keep immigrant youth from being deported

Sign Up. Show Up. Never give up.

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Good News August 14

This week’s Good News from the Resistance: This could possibly be the worst week yet. Yes, there is plenty of Good News, but before getting to that, please take a moment to reflect upon the words of one of our wise friends, Dolly Chugh, written after the ugliness that occurred in Charlottesville:

If you are ending the day scared, I am with you.

If you are ending the day surprised, I am begging you to not write today off as a one-off.

If you are ending the day not having heard anyone in your community talk about what is happening in America (not just VA), I hope you will start that conversation tomorrow.

If you are ending the day unclear on what I am talking about, I want you to know that now is the time to tune in and take a stand. If you love America, regardless of who you voted for, now is the time.

Amidst all of the ugliness that happened this week, good people continued to resist hatred, and good people everywhere – in government agencies, in art galleries, in Congress, in the courts, and in our cities, continued to fight back and refuse to give up or give in. In this week’s Good News from the Resistance:

  • A musician’s moving response to Charlottesville
  • 45-loving district in Iowa is Blue
  • Government resisters abound
  • Enormous chicken flies over White House
  • 45’s plans to make life hell for government employees stalls
  • Lady Liberty in hajib graces walls of Congress
  • Under-the-radar lawsuit against 45 ready to launch
  • People who make a difference: Business incubator for immigrants
  • Take action: What you can do about Charlottesville

Sign Up. Show Up. Never give up.

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